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"What makes us... us?”

QBX (Sad Birds Pavilion) is a performative theatre play based on Bachtyar Ali's novel with the same name. The novel covers 22 years long time frame in South Kurdistan and tells the story of birds, migration, love and civil war using the language of smell, sound and music.

The performance contains the Kurdish traditional storytelling and follows the beauty in this language on one hand, on the other hand it tries to form a bridge between Kurdish story telling techniques and modern expression tools.

The performants (storytellers) compel their bodies to remember... They dig the memory of their bodies in order to tell a story and reach a deeper understanding. It searches our own traces in the smell, sound, colour, songs and the time that we are living in.

It asks bravely: "What makes us... us?”

Book: Bachtyar Ali 

Script: Alan Ciwan, Huseyin Umaysiz 

Concept and Regie: Huseyin Umaysiz 

Performers: Alan Ciwan, Hêja Netirk 

Dramaturgy: Mesut Arslan

Image Consultant: Savaş Boyraz

Sound: Can Satir, Huseyin Umaysiz
Photo: Karolina Maruszak
Production: Theater Antract
Co-Production: Ban Theater, Platform 0090, Tatwerk-Performative Forschung, Kultuurfaktorij Monty, MUT! Theater, Theater RAST


Kurdish(Kurmanji) with English surtitle Duration: 70 min



Premier 14,15,16 October 2021 / Monty - Antwerp - Belgium


05 December 2021 / TAK - Berlin - Germany

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